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About Us

Blue Ocean Studios is a multi-media and television/film production company formed in 2012 that produces original content for film, broadcast and digital platforms. Specializing in the needs of the entertainment industry, we provide creative, strategic and media services to a wide range of clients – from concept to delivery, we offer our unique expertise and experience.


Client Services

Our Services 

Production for film, television, web and mobile platforms

We provide a broad range of media services as we specialize in catering to the specific needs of the media, entertainment and publishing industry.

We access a full service creative team in the UK and US to produce original series productions and commercial advertising campaigns for television broadcast, web and mobile devices. Our talented team has experience with commercial and independent production companies and multi-media agencies worldwide. With our US partner, partner, Continental Film and Digital Labs we offer 3D animation and visual effects to compliment your post production.

Interactive multi-media technologies for eBooks and Apps

Blue Ocean Studios provides clients the ability to stay current in the rapidly evolving marketplace of the digital and mobile age. Our talented animators, having experience working on productions such as Troy, Brother’s Grimm and King Arthur, can animate existing illustrations or create original content to fit any format for distribution through any medium from eReaders and smart phones, to tablets, PCs, and web.

Post Production and 3D Animation/Visual Effects

Using our 64 core render farm and heightened 3D software, our highly skilled animation team can take your concept right through to deliverables.

  • Previz, modeling, rigging, animation, compositing
  • Maya, Z-Brush, and VRay as well as Adobe Creative Suite
  • Unity 3D

Virtual Reality

Concepts using Oculus Rift and 360 degree cameras. Please call for enquiries and information.



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